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West La 'Dr Jim'

A friend went for a year? Cost my friend thousands of dollars...

'hes a quack' is how my friends friend put it.

He talks on public radio and sounds like a genius.

a naturopath i know does go to dr Jim and says hes good...I have my doubts,,,and it is expensive

his sales pitch.

Dr. Blumenthal and the Applied Kinesiology Center of Los Angeles treat a wide variety of patients and ailments. We combine many diversified technique's and methods.

Many people are discovering the benefits of using natural healthcare instead of, or along with, conventional (allopathic) western medicine. Applied Kinesiology (AK) integrates the best of chiropractic, clinical nutrition, and acupuncture with the best of western biochemistry and neurology to meet the needs of people with today's most complex and difficult health problems



I had the opportunity to speak to dr Jim blumenthal two days ago.I left a vm with him regarding his services and he called me back.

He spent the next 45 min talking to me about my situation as i explained everything to him. He was very caring and listened well, explaining everything.

truly a kind hearted man covering medicine at an unbelievable level..metabolic pathways, methylatin, enzymatic reactions...he has also created his own custom test apparently better than Genova diagnostics nutra eval...a very detailed amino acid/neurotransmitter panel.I look forward to working with him even if I have to drive 5 hours.

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